Manage your team

Build your 6 man roster with $30M salary cap and trade your players wisely each day. Points are given by yours players performances in each game. Fulfil your dreams and create your NBA fantasy team and show the world what you got. LIVE YOUR FANTASY!

Challenge the world

Follow your team success each day, see the best team's managers and learn which players are best for you. You don't have to wait till the end of the season to be the winner - compete our daily, weekly and monthly programs and make a statement throughout the season!

Increase your salary cap

In points are not everything. Increase your $30M cap by selecting players you think that will get more points than expected, and sell them when you think they reached their limit. Each day every player's salary is being updated according to his recent performance. Sell and buy players just like stocks. Don't think twice, its alright.

Make a statement

Invite your friends and compete each other in your own league. View your friends teams actions such as recent trades, contact league members using our messages section and view extended team stats.

We analyze it for you

All across you will be able to find various stats that will enlighten your thoughts and help you trade the right player. For example, in order get the most from your roster you will probably want your players to play more games than your opponents players each week. On TheFanba schedule page you can find each NBA team games breakdown which sum up the amount of games each team plays each week. If you use stats wisely, the victory is near.

In Your Pocket

We have designed a simple but smart mobile app that brings the data to you. Search the players you want and track players news instantly. Visit your team, edit your roster and follow last night's biggest performances. Comfort is few swipes away.