A public league is open to every team owner (user) – anyone can join and compete in a public league.

Here at Thefanba.com, we focus on simplicity. We avoid complex draft leagues as well as commissioner leagues.
Instead, our goal is to provide a product that is user-friendly, fun, and captures the uniform method of fantasy-points scoring.

In our Game rules page, you will find step-by-step explanations on creating and joining leagues.

A private league is a password-protected league intended only for users that have received the password from the league owner.
In other words,not every user will have access to this league.

Step 1:  Click the “join now” button on the homepage. You will see a registration screen pop up; fill in the requested information, check the "i agree to the terms..." box  and select the submit button.                                                                                                                                                               
Step 2: Click “create a league.”
Step 3: Choose a name for your league. Check the box if you want the league to be private. If you checked the box, select a password for your league. Please note that access to the private league will only be available by entering the password. Choose the maximum number of teams that will participate in the league. Finally, click “create.”
Step 4: Choose a name for your league. Once you have done so, all you need to do is select the players for your dream team.


At this time, 6 is the maximum number of players on each team.
However, we are looking into providing additional options for our users.

Yes. Perhaps this is the most fascinating aspect of this game – as the players on your team increase in value, as does the overall value of the team (and vice versa).  Every day, Thefanba.com will recalculate price movers.

Go to the top menu and hover on the players category; once there, you will see the all players category then you will find a list of all the players.
Simply click + (buy) button to select a given player.

Go to the top menu and click on team category; once there, click on the sell icon to waive a given player from your team.

The players’ performances along with the number of teams that have purchased/sold the player determine the value.
In general, players that appear on many teams and perform well in their categories earn higher values.

Not at this time; however, scores are updated daily and shortly after the completion of the games.

Players’ values change daily. You can monitor and track the values in the price movers category.

Sport writers are welcome and encouraged to join our community.
If you think you can provide quality commentary and insights, please contact us via email: info@Thefanba.com.

In Top Menu press the 'My League'  tab,you will then see your league main page.
Note that in all of the pages you will choose to go,in the top of each page, you could see your league standing and your team roster.

You are allowed to buy and/or sell players 2 hours before entering the frozen roster time.

Everyday at 2 AM ET, player scores and values are calculated and automatically updated.

Overall 6 players: 2 Guards, 2 Forwards, 1 Center, and a sixth player.

At Thefanba.com, we use the following method to ascertain scores:

1 Field goal made 2 FTPS
1 Field goal missed 0.5 FTPS
1 Free throw made 1 FTPS
1 Free throw missed -1 FTPS
1 Block 2.5 FTPS
1 Rebound 1.5 FTPS
1 Turnover -1 FTPS
1 Assist 2 FTPS
1 Steal 2.5 FTPS
*Double- Double 5FTPS
*Triple-Double 10 FTPS


*FTPS – Fantasy Points
* Double- Double fantasy points are in addition to the player's  Overall FTPS .
* Triple- Double fantasy  points are in addition to the player's  Overall FTPS .

Thefanba.com supports Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari And IE 9.
We recommend working with  Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox for optimal browsing speed and resolution.
(View Zoom should be at 100% for optimal resolution)

An illegal roster violates any of the expressed requirements of the game. An illegal roster will not enable you to accumulate any stats or points for that entire period. The Team Roster screen will display all illegal roster messages, including why your roster is considered illegal.

Yes. For instance, if you used only two trades this week, you will be allotted a maximum of 5 trades next week.
 Note: you cannot perform trades during the frozen roster period. See the Roster and Scores Rules for additional information.

Each team is permitted a maximum of 3 trades a week.

No. Buying trades is currently not an option as we want to make the game absolutely free for our users.

Absolutely, If you are a registered user, sign in with your details, than, in the top menu 

click on the 'Top Teams' category.


No. To avoid creating a complex and difficult game, Thefanba.com focuses on user-friendly rules.

Option 1: sign up/register via homepage, Fill in the necessary details, then check the "I Agree to terms.." box and click the sign up button.

Step 1: choose a league from the list of leagues available, notice that in order to join a private league you will need to choose a password, for a public league just choose the league name and hit the Join button.

Step 2: choose a name for your team and hit the choose players button.

Option 2: Sign up via your Facebook or Google+ Accounts . Follow the above steps 1 and 2 accordingly.
Yes you can, in the top menu click on 'My League' tab, then at the bottom of the screen, below the league standings you can compose a new message. Note that the message could be seen among the all of the league's managers.
Yes, you can see your league teams roster by clicking on any team's name. Also you can go to the 'world ranking' page and click on any team to see its roster.

If you have signed up using one of your social accounts, you are already connected. If you want to reconnect or add a social account, sign in to Thefanba.com and on the top right corner you will find a link to User Settings. There you could connect your Facebook/Google+ account for easier access to our system.