is a 100% free NBA fantasy salary cap website allowing you to trade players every week, strategically manage your team, and compete worldwide against other fantasy team owners. In this page you can find all the information you need about the game features, rules and simply how it works.

Fantasy sport? what is it?

Good question! The word "fantasy" implies that the website user has the capacity to fulfil their own fantasy, if you will, by virtually owning and managing a professional sports team. In this case, an NBA team. applies a principle common in most fantasy sports games; that is, real time athletes and their corresponding (current) performances are used to generate fantasy points for teams in various leagues.

Scoring system
1 point 1 fpts
1 rebound 1.5 fpts
1 assist 2 fpts
1 block 2.5 fpts
1 steal 2.5 fpts
1 turnover -1 fpts
1 field goal missed -0.5 fpts
1 free throw made 1 fpts
1 free throw missed -1 fpts
Double Double 5 fpts
Triple Double 10 fpts

Simple. Free. Easy.

Welcome to a world of simplicity. We at believe that our users need to ENJOY their fantasy. In other words, say goodbye to complicated drafts and commissioner leagues, and say hello to a user-friendly website that seeks to maximize the user experience. Simply select your favorite NBA players each day in order to get the most fantasy points. In contrast to other fantasy sites, is 100% free!!! You will be given the opportunity to complete not only against your friends in your league, but also against teams around the world. See if you can create the dream team that trumps all others!


When purchasing players for your team, you want to make sure that you remain within your budget (the starting budget is $30M). Ultimately, you want to choose players whose values will increase overtime. The objective is to make a profit when selling players at a later time.
Player salaries are determined by the relation between fantasy scoring and the system projected fpts per game. For example when player x, which the system projected his average fpts for the season will be 34, scores 26 fpts in his last game, his salary will decrease in a few thousands of fantasy dollars. Note that the minimal salary of a player is $500,000. Player salaries are calculated daily, usually a couple of hours after the last game of the day. You will be able to view all salary changes in the Price Movers page. Your team’s overall budget will be influenced by the players’ salary changes.


Each team owner starts with 6 trades after the season starts. If you do not use all of your trades in a given week, they will be transferred over to the following week. Please note that you cannot perform trades within the frozen roster period: each day the trades are locked 1.5 hours before the first game start until the next scoring update which usually is couple of hours after the last game of the same day. You can see the last scoring update date on the top right corner. In addition, 3 Trades will be given weekly on every Wednesday through out the season. Week is defined from Wednesday to Wednesday.

Daily updates

For each game day, NBA players will get their recent stats and scores a few hours after the last game is finished. In addition, player salaries are also calculated even if the player did not play the previous day. These daily updates reflects your fantasy team score and value.
Every roster will be frozen 2 hours prior the first game of each day until the next scoring update. No trades will be allowed during that time.

Creating your team

This is the fun part. Your goal is to create a roster containing 6 NBA players in different positions: 2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center and a sixth player which can be in any position. Note that some players can play in multiple positions. If for some reason your roster does not contain 6 players, you will consider to have illegal roster which mean you will not get any points the same day, even if one of your players did play.
When selecting your players you must pay attention to your budget/salary cap. Each fantasy team starts with $30M. That means you can not only choose the best NBA players as you will exceed your budget. Of course your goal is to not only get the higher fantasy points but also to increase your budget so you can buy better NBA player. Read more in the 'Salaries' section above.


When creating your fantasy team, you will be asked to join or create a league. Leagues are a collection of fantasy teams, competing each other in another level in addition to the world competition. The season daily, weekly, monthly and final ranking will be set by each team's score regardless of the team's league position.
There are 2 types of leagues: private and public. Private leagues are protected with a password which only the league owner holds. This is usually being used by friends. Public leagues are for the open public having no restrictions what so ever. Users from all over the world can interact with each other on a daily basis and talk about what really matters - NBA.